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AutoCAD Plot Specialist

    AutoWisePlot is a batch plot tool for AutoCAD. It need not create layouts in AutoCAD and care about the drawing's position, rotation, scale etc. In this way, you needn't waste plenty of time to create layout for each drawing. Otherwise, it can batch modify the printer, paper size, plot style table etc. of the exist layouts.

      Yes, what the image show is the wonderful performance bring by Autowiseplot, an excellent product by Awpsoft, it is more effective than the Plot and Publish command in AutoCAD.

      By recently years, Awpsoft focus on the plot field of AutoCAD, many products can help you save your  precious time when your complete the drawing. For more product click here


  The version 3.1 released, please contact us to update, updating is free.

    What's new

  • New Integrated interface.
  • Supporting AutoCAD2008 and Windows Vista
  • New function of batch plotting existing layouts
  • New function of batch creating layouts
  • New function of wblocking to create new drawing
  • New function of batch plotting long drawings
  • New arithmetic to extract drawing's name, needn't put drawing's name in a special layer.

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    Update History

  • May 22 2007
    Fix a serious bug of ' Could not load file or assembly '. All the user please download and install again.

  • Jun 15 2007
    Fix the error of 'Please run AutoCAD first' when the version of AutoCAD is 2004/5/6

  • Jul 5 2007
    Fix an error which raise in the case of removing the files used previously.

  • Aug 11 2007
    Completely fix the error of 'Please run AutoCAD first' or 'Could not load file or assembly...' or 'Could not create ActiveX...', we recommend those who are using AutoCAD2004/05/06 download the special version(3.1.16). 

  •  Aug 13 2007
    Fix an error of version 3.1.16 when add DWG files to file list.

  •  Sep 5 2007
    Fix an error of version 3.1.16 when using AutoCAD2004.

  •  Nov 8 2007
    Fix an error of version 3.1.16 when add DWG files to file list.

  •  Nov 22 2009
    Update to version3.2, the 3.1user can update free.
    Support Autocad2010,Support Win7.
    Feature Border Manager, Plotsetting Manager.
    Load to AutoCAD.

  •  Jan 3 2011
    Solve the problem the software can't run because the update of Windows.